Northern Tribal Technical Assistance Program

Gravel / Motor Grader Resources

Unpaved Road Chemical Treatment Selection Tool
Low-Cost Safety Improvements for Unpaved Roads
Gravel Surfacing Spec (PDF, 99K)
2021 Motor-Grader Operator Training (PDF, 1088K)
Motor-Grader Operator Training Introduction
Gravel Road Maintenance: Meeting the Challenge
Meeting the Mark on Gravel Quality Webinar Recording
Gravel Surfacing and Calcium Chloride Stabilization Project ROM-0300(142)
Gravel Spread Chart (PDF, 907K)
Slope Meter (PDF, 1898K)
Gravel Road Management Tool, Minnesota LRRB
Oxy Study - Calcium Chloride vs Magnesium Chloride (PDF, 247K)
Dust Suppressant, DustGard (PDF, 1363K)
Local Road Surface Selection Tool
Guidelines for the Selection, Specification and Application of Chemical Dust Control and Stabilization Treatments on Unpaved Roads (PDF, 28.3 MB)
Quality Gravel's Secret Ingredient is Clay
Grader Mount Sod Mulcher (PDF, 764K)
Gravel Reclaimer (PDF, 844K)
A Day in the Life of a Blade Operator (PDF, 108K)
Gravel Roads Presentation, ASHE - Central Dakota Section
Gravel Roads Presentation, Sargent County Township Meeting
Gravel Roads: Construction and Maintenance Guide, FHWA (PDF, 17.8 MB)
Motor-Grader Maintenance Presentation (PDF, 3549K)
Answers to Common Questions About Gravel Roads, Minnesota LRRB
Aggregate Roads Dust Control: A Brief Synthesis of Current Practices
12H Grader Pulling Ditch
Unpaved Road Dust Management: A Successful Practitioner's Handbook (PDF, 5897K)
Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way
Preliminary Analysis of Dust Control Measures (PDF, 181K)
Dust Control Information (PDF, 177K)
Gravel Roads Part II: Back to the Basics, Montana LTAP (PDF, 4786K)